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Letter: A ‘roundabout’ problem

I have a few thoughts for the powers that be in Pueblo West and the Pueblo County Commissioners, concerning the “roundabout” at Platteville and Purcell.

Take a drive through that intersection in the dark of night when the moon is not around.

Traveling on Purcell you would be hard pressed to know there is even an intersection at Platteville.

There is no signage, no street light, no markings, nothing.

We witnessed the aftermath of a wreck at this intersection in the dead of night with the red lights blinking away on the two stop signs on Platteville.

These red lights are not detected at all traveling north or south on Purcell.

So why interrupt the flow of traffic on Purcell with a European-style pile of dirt, rock, and mortar just to try something different?

May I suggest the following; install a merging lane on the right side of Purcell headed north off of Platteville and again on the right side of Purcell headed south off of Platteville.

This will all make sense if you stick with me.

Now install an exit lane “You must turn Right” headed north off of Purcell onto Platteville and again headed south off of Purcell onto Platteville.

This alone would diminish greatly the “points of conflict” at this intersection.

Now add some innovative LED lighting, perhaps eight poles, two each alongside the extra lanes and the whole threat of carnage is greatly reduced.

Once installed maintenance costs should be minimal.

The new LED lighting has some fantastic benefits.

With all this in place, you would naturally asses that you might be approaching a bona fide intersection.

And instead of a blinking red light on top of a stop sign on Platteville, may I suggest a blinking red light perhaps 500 feet before the stop sign with a large sign reading “Stop Ahead.”

You may or may not like any of these suggestions, but please give them some consideration before dumping a pile of dirt in the middle of one of our main thoroughfares.

Dan Neilson

Pueblo West

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