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Letter: Slow down!

This letter is for the chosen few drivers who think the laws don’t apply to them.

Tonight there was a two-car head on collision on north McCulloch Boulevard, which resulted in no casualties, but two very damaged cars with debris scattered all over the road and shoulder.

The paramedic truck parked parallel across both lanes of the street and put two flares out on each side of the shoulders to prevent oncoming traffic from proceeding through the accident area.

Most of the drivers turned around and sought alternate routes.

There was three drivers who thought the rules of the road did not apply to them.

These drivers attempted to drive through the accident scene with no regard for any of the rescue vehicles, tow truck drivers or private property.

When confronted by the rescue personnel to turn around, these drivers became belligerent.

Just because Pueblo West is “country like” does not give you the right to drive off road any where you please.

First, you are risking rescue personnel lives, and second you are driving all over my private property.

This also is for you drivers that don’t slow down when drivers that live off McCulloch have to make a left turn onto to our street.

We have the right to slow down and make a safe left turn.

Please don’t ride up our rear ends, narrowly miss hitting us, then swerve around onto the shoulder and pass us on the right in the shoulder.

When you are driving in town you don’t drive anywhere you want, and just because you live in the “country” doesn’t mean you can drive anywhere you want.

Stay on the designated road, slow down and give the person in front of you a brake!

Rheba Olivares

Pueblo West

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