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Letter: ‘A’ stands for ‘Absent’

I would like to add to letter from Rheba Olivares about people slowing down on North McCulloch and showing some common sense (‘Slow down,” The Pueblo West View, Dec. 12, 2013).

I have had people in such a hurry when I am making a left turn on to my street that they have passed me on the left, even with my turn signal was on.

As Ms. Olivares stated, we may live in the country but the rules of the road don’t change as a result.

Please slow down, follow the rules we all learned in Drivers Ed and we’ll all stay safe.

I would also like to say that I feel this accident might not have occurred if the Metro District would plow and sand North McCulloch.

I live across from the Metro District and they rarely put their blades down or sand when they leave their yard.

Somehow, though, they do both when they get to Industrial and in front of the Metro District office. I’ve contacted them and they tell me this road is on “A” list for winter care.

I think that “A” stands for “Absent.”

Jerry Copher

Pueblo West

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