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Letters: Thank you fire department, Roundabout

Thank you, fire department

Many thanks to the Pueblo West Fire Department!

On the launch day of the Rotary Club Ice Melt fundraising event Dec. 21, the ice was declared unsafe for public traffic.

However, the fire department pitched in and geared up with the water safety gear and apparatus’ to launch our ice melt barrel and stand to fulfill the needs for the event to be successful.

Thanks again to the fire department for stepping up and saving our fund raising event to benefit the future disc golf course at Civic Center Park

Rick Clark

Event Coordinator and President Elect

Rotary Club of Pueblo West


Roundabout regressive not innovative

I would like to put in my two cents worth of support for not using roundabouts at Purcell and Platevulle as so nicely articulated by Ray Edwards (“Satisfied southwest side,” The Pueblo West View, Dec. 5, 2013) and Dan Neilson (“A roundabout problem,” The Pueblo West View, Dec. 5, 2013).

A roundabout is not an example of “best practice.”

New Jersey has had them for at least 50 years and a couple of years ago offered a reward to anyone who could come up with a solution that would get rid of roundabouts.

This roundabout idea is regressive not innovative.

Carol Dominguez

Pueblo West

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