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Letter: Tumbleweed problem

I would like to comment on the vast tumbleweed problem that we seem to have this winter.

Driving around Pueblo West I notice all the vacant lots that no one seems to take care of.

They are owned a lot by absentee owners who only mow them when the neighbors complain about them.

I can see the tumble weeds growning on these lots with the owners not aware or not caring.

When you own a vacant lot there are responsibilities that go along with it.

There are some occupied lots also that the owners seem to neglect. They live on the front two-thirds and ignore the back one-third, which usually grow up in some kind of weeds.

Not all the mentioned lots are like this but I’d say the majority are.

I would urge the owners to keep these properties better groomed. It would be a great asset to the community and would keep the tumble weeds from breaking loose in the first strong autumn/winter wind and piling up in the landscaping of those who do try keep their proberties neat. It is a very real problem and takes much time to try to pick them out from under trees and shrubs.

And then dispossing of them is a real problem.

I feel so sorry for some houses that I saw this winter where the weeks piled up to the eves and blocked the front doors.

I can’t imagine what these owners went through.

If the owners continue to neglect them the metro could pass an ordinance requiring the lots to be mowed between October and Dec. 1 or have them mowed and added to their taxes.

It’s such a problem and so easy to fix.

Keith Owen

Pueblo West

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