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Letter: Thank you BoonDocks

I am a 30 year old mother of two spirited little boys, ages 5 and 3. I have been a resident of Pueblo West since 2006. Today I had lunch with some friends at BoonDocks Coffee shop. We had five kids between the four of us. The staff is particularly friendly and the food is wonderful. I wanted to thank them, along with two gentlemen customers, for being patient with us and understanding that sometimes, mothers with young children would like to eat somewhere other than McDonalds, and that may require a place like BoonDocks to get a little noisy. Our children were not wild, however we encountered three other patrons who made rude remarks to us, gave us very nasty looks and gestured happily to us as we were leaving, to say good riddance. One man told me I should have stayed home. Pueblo West is a family community. Approximately 30% of the households in Pueblo West have children under the age of 18. The ages of 0-5 is one of the fastest growing age groups. Yet, we have nowhere to take our children, other than the parks. There are no indoor facilities and restaurants that accommodate young kids. We can drive 25 minutes to the Southside or to Belmont to eat at McDonalds. We consistently vote no on raising taxes to improve our community and accommodate this large percentage of residents. What can we do to change this? Young families are busy with school, work and other priorities. We simply do not have the time to become highly involved in the politics of this community. So it is up to those who do have time. The retired demographic, whose priority seems to be saying no to all community improvements that would not benefit themselves, including putting forth a great effort to get rid of the largest recreational amenity we have, Desert Hawk, which benefits all ages. Perhaps rather than rallying against it so much, people like Mr. Clemens could put forth ideas on making it work, such as the golf course hosting community events to help fund it. It seems to me that certain residents would like to see Pueblo West become a quiet retirement community, rather than a family-oriented community. I love this place and I see a lot of potential for Pueblo West, so long as certain influential members get their priorities straight and help this community to offer more attractive amenities for families to enjoy together, rather than telling us to stay home. Until then, rest assured, I will be taking my rowdy little boys to coffee shops to enjoy a nice lunch.

Adrienne Graham

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