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Letter: Higher sales tax on pot

Higher sales tax on pot industry

The Pueblo West metro board voted on language for the May 6, special election to ask the voters to approve a 1 percent sales tax on items sold in Pueblo West.(grocery, prescriptions and gasoline excluded) A new state law allows a sales tax up to 2 percent specifically for road improvements in metropolitan districts.

I would like to see the Pueblo West Metro board rewrite the language in the proposal to propose the maximum, 2 percent on marijuana and related equipment sales and leave the remaining proposal for a sales tax increase at 1 percent.

Pueblo West citizens seem to have different opinions as to the legal sale of marijuana; however once approved by Pueblo county, Pueblo West can not stop stores from locating here.

Five of the eight “POT SHOPS” in Pueblo county have already located in PW; more are in the application stage. If people want to come to PW to purchase pot, and the voters approve the increase on May, 6th,. let the marijuana industry contribute 2 percent to help maintain Pueblo West roads.

Joe Mahaney

Pueblo West

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