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Letter: Flipping the Constitution

To the editor:

Instead of allowing the free market to work, the body politic is picking winners and excluding every other Colorado citizen from what may be the best opportunity to climb the economic ladder in recent times.

Perhaps it might be better to extend latters of opportunity to every law abiding citizen of Colorado; by having the state operate a purchasing house to buy all the commercial quality marijuana grown by citizens of the great state of Colorado. This would enable every person the opportunity to become an entrepreneur with a simple to grow, small crop of marijuana, a chicken in every pot, so to speak.

For our own good the body politic has to order our lives for us, that is wrong thinking, and that is choosing winners and losers. Perhaps rather than restricting and excluding citizens the body politic should allow the constitutional power of the citizen, which enables him/her to get up and with some effort create wealth were none existed before, that’s the American way. Rather than dividing the citizens into groups, which is “divide and conquer,” they might embrace terms, like all and every. Promote the general welfare, not with food stamps and redistribution of tax dollars, but with the opportunity of an open and free market place.

This is an issue that divides people Perhaps we can use this as an issue that brings us together in the fact that some people have a constitutional right to not, does not restrict the constitutional right of others to do.

The big Government people want diversity as long as it is an exact reflection of the way they think, “HELLO”. Historically prohibition has never worked; social engineering is dangerous at best. Some will some won’t, some do some don’t, but it is not a government’s job to select the one they want to do, that almost always leads to corruption. All government must stick its nose into our business so they can justify more and larger government so they can tells what we can and can not do! As hard as it is to believe they think they are restricting our freedom for our own good, because how could we live without governments loving boot on our necks?

We the people by natural law have the right to and at the same time, others have the right to not. It does not have to be one way or the other; it can and should be both ways. We are directed by the constitution to give to others all the right and privileges we want for ourselves. This sounds a lot like live and let live. Mind your own business, but instead the people who make up the body politic want our power that the constitution reserves for the people. The powers not delegated to the United States by the constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people. That is the 10th amendment from the bill of rights.

Daryl Brown

Colorado Springs

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