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Letter: The list goes on

Bill Clemens does his darndest to give us factual, cautionary information, which we seem to ignore as a general rule.

I, too, get tired of hearing about the golf course and other matters that seem beyond our control, or even understanding.

However, I have heard that by sticking your head in the sand, you can get your butt shot off.

Have you noticed the new “fee” on your Real Estate tax bill yet?

It is for maintaining the Arkansas River levee that is located in the city of Pueblo.

I sort of remember talk of a possible fee for the residents in Pueblo and the flood plain but did not expect to discover that I am in a flood plain.

A district judge expanded the Pueblo Conservancy boundaries to include all of Pueblo County.

The Conservancy District board members are appointed and Pueblo West has no member representing our interests. Fancy that.

They say this is going to be remedied by appointing someone who lives in Pueblo West, but we don’t get to choose who.

I wonder how long it will be before this “small fee” will need to be adjusted to pay for projects other than the levee?

Are you aware that Pueblo West Metro District has been trying to increase our available water through the Wildhorse Re-use Pipeline Project?

The Pueblo City Council keeps blocking it, using various new regulations.

It seems they are willing to profit from Pueblo West residents by taxes and fees we pay and businesses that we frequent but intend to hinder us from maximizing our available water, whether it be from the Wildhorse Project or SDS.

Water is a really confusing subject but something does not seem right here.

The there is the marijuana.

Our county commissioners (Sal Pace in particular) are just thrilled with the taxes being brought into their coffers from pot businesses located in Pueblo West.

Apparently the majority of Pueblo County voters who supported Amendment 64, live in the city of Pueblo, but there are no pot shops located there.

I wonder how much of the revenue generated in Pueblo West from these federally illegal businesses will come back to us? Not much, I would guess.

This will probably be the same situation as with the taxes we pay that should be coming back to maintain our roads, but isn’t.

I suspect the people who voted for Amendment 64 because the revenue would be used for the “children’s education,” are going to be greatly surprised where the money really goes.

In my opinion, legalizing marijuana was a bad idea in the first place, but then that is just my opinion.

The list just seems to go on and the politicians keep doing as they please, using whatever methods they care to, while we stick our heads in the sand.

Because we are too busy?

Because we really don’t want to know?

Or do we really think “those in charge” actually have our best interests at heart?

And how do they know what we want, if we don’t speak up?

Karen Liptrap

Pueblo West

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