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Letter: Thanks for the vent

Thanks for the vent

I have lived in Pueblo West since 1976 and have seen it rise to what it is today — good and bad. I want to comment on two road issues that the Metro District has mentioned in the last few Pueblo West View’s.

First, since all our roads are county roads (thus the Sheriff can give tickets), why do we have a road department at all?

It is the county’s responsibly to maintain all county roads and up to their standards.

Why not get rid of our department and sell all that equipment?

But if not, I wonder who and why Pueblo West would spend the money to make a roundabout at Purcell and Platteville?

The cost must be huge to do this.

Why not make ripples in the road from all directions like many rural county roads are.

They could have them 3/4 of a mile, a 1/2 mile, and 1/4 of a mile and again at 1/8 of a mile.

It would slow the traffic and make them be aware of a stop sign ahead.

The difference in cost would be huge!

In one of the last issues of the View, it stated that we are going to have an issue on the ballot to improve the roads.

In the same paper is an article saying a water main had broken within feet of another break a few months back.

Our water lines are 40 years old.

Why not do the water lines first so that new roads won’t have to be dug up to fix more leaks?

I have yet to see a good patch job on a road that flows smoothly.

We had the first two pot shops set up in Pueblo West.

In January, sales were just under $1 million.

The count received $32,000 for sales taxes and collected another $70,400 for licensing fees just for January! Last question, is how much money is Pueblo West getting for the sale of the pot shops?

We have 11 more months of income coming and who knows how many years pot sales will continue!

Why can’t that money go for roads though we badly need another swimming pool, more softball and soccer fields in another location.

The same ones were here 38 years ago.

Judy Larson

Pueblo West

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