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Letter: Funds for what?

I am a new resident of Pueblo West, moving here from California in October 2013.

In November 1984, California voters passed Proposition 37, the California State Lottery Act of 1984.

The premise of the California Lotto, as it was presented to California voters, was to provide additional funding for school districts to pay for after school activities.

However, the language of the proposition stated only that the funds were to be directed to schools.

Someone in the state legislature discovered that there was no requirement that the lotto money was to be an addition to school funding from the state.

So when the state gives lotto money to schools, it takes that same amount of money that was supposed to go to schools and returns that money back to state coffers to be used for something else.

Thus schools do not benefit from lotto money and after school activities remain unfunded.

I voted for the proposition thinking schools were to receive additional monies.

That was the last time I voted for any proposed law/tax that did not have specific language in it so voters know exactly where their money is going to go.

I read in the Pueblo West View a couple of weeks ago that the Metro Board was not allowed by state law to specify exactly what the one percent sales tax is supposed to be used for.

That is the politicians way of saying that they have the means to invalidate the will of the voters.

I will not vote for any/tax law that doesn’t specify exactly what the funds are to be used for and have a termination date.

Steven P. Melcher

Pueblo West

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