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Letter: Why no cemetery?

I know this has been talked about before but it seems to scare the Metro District and that is the word cemetery.

Why in the world doesn’t Pueblo West have a cemetery?

Instead of selling lots by the acre sell them by the plot.

There are nearly 1,000 plots in an acre and at $500 to $600 a plot that adds up to a lot of money.

The city of Canon City has two.

The small town of Florence has two.

If the Metro District doesn’t want to build a cemetery, then they should wheel and deal with some of the local funeral homes in the area to have them build it?

There is a lot of vacant land out here that would make good locations for a cemetery.

My wife and I have lived out here for more than 40 years and its our home, we would like to make it our final resting place.

I would be willing to do some of the foot work to get it done.

Jim Zerby

Pueblo West

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