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Letter: Why road tax?

I hope to clarify and give everyone a better understanding of the road improvement ballot initiative for the Pueblo West voters for the General Election on May 6.

There has been some nay saying going on, dragging this initiative into other issues when this is solely a separate stand-alone issue with full transparency of the funding usage.

First, everyone has to agree a good roadway system improves the quality of life, protects real estate values and, of course, most of all, the safety factor.

We have seen that recently with the most recent improvements on the main arteries of McCulloch, Purcell and Platteville, etc.

That funding secured mostly from outside sources, such as Tabor Time Out, SDS .... random grants for those improvements have been a welcome benefit.

In the interest of protecting our values, safety and quality of life, a plan needs to be in place to keep pace of the deteriating roadway system in Pueblo West.

At the current pace that is being practiced now is not keeping up with the crumbing roads all over our community.

This ballot initiative has been designed to be affordable for most and make an investment into our roadway system to protect our quality of life.

The proposed sales tax 1 percent of total of taxable retail sales in Pueblo West (estimated $1,100,000 per year would yield $1,100,000 in road improvement revenue) would put a small dent in the $40,000,000 in needed roadway improvements (based on a Matrix Design assessment 2012) and is estimated to be approximately a cost of $75 to $100 per household per year. ($8 per month).

The collection of the tax will be inclusive to state taxable sales made in Pueblo West including out of town visitors and passer by traffic that purchase in Pueblo West.

This would include purchases made at the ATV stores, the boat company’s, Walmart, etc.; it is estimated that 30 percent — plus or minus — would be out of town purchases.

The ballot language is very specific that the tax revenues are solely dedicated to the improvements of roadways and the drainage facilities associated with the roadway improvement.

The ballot language also includes a six-year cap so it can be evaluated for future extensions adjustments or abolishment.

This ballot initiative is a standalone funding mechanism and has no connection to the general fund, golf course, parks and recreation, water rights, or any other depts. or other associated costs to run the district.

If this plan does not pass, there is no concrete action plan in place to keep up with are crumbling roadway system, in a matter of a few years at this pace of deterioration, Pueblo West could be a blighted community with a reputation and an image of substandard unsafe roads effecting our future real estate values.

You might ask why I am doing this just as a resident; it is because I am witnessing a very important function of our community taking away our quality of life

I would like to offer to groups or individuals more detail information in regards to this effort, feel free to contact me at

Rick Clark

Pueblo West

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