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Letter: Smart meters?

San Isabel Electric Co-op has been on a crusade to install digital smart meters that is stretching the boundaries of ingress access for a utility.

I was surprised to find my gate open on private property and a new meter installed without prior notification and with no regard for signs that were posted stating, “smart meter not wanted.”

A total of 22,000 meters have been installed in Pueblo West, Beulah, Rye/Colorado City, Custer County, Aguilar, Fremont County Walsenburg, LaVeta, Cuchara and Trinidad.

This is being done with little or no discussion with their members in regard to the effects on health, safety, privacy or data security issues.

People who are vulnerable or suffer from electromagnetic sensitivity are not being considered or allowed to opt out.

Members are being told if they don’t want the meter they will be disconnected from service.

Does this sound like a co-op to you?

Health studies done by outside health organizations have so far been discounted by SIEA for their long term effects on human beings.

SIEA will tell you that their industry groups concluded in their tests that (EMF) electromagnetic fields or radio frequencies (RF) emissions are well within safety guidelines.

But are they?

They will tell you that members will somehow save energy and money.

Many have seen their bills skyrocket.

They will tell you that these meters are no worse than a cell phone or computer router.

But are they?

Many people would disagree, studies have shown that EMF and RF radiation from these meters power supplies are grossly oversized, up to 160 times the strength of a cell phone.

A cell phone and other electrical devices can be shut off at the users discretion, digital meters or as SIEA calls them (advanced meter technology) can’t be shut off, they run 24/7.

Well over 5,000 studies showed many are claiming health issues ranging from insomnia, ear ringing, anxiety, cancer, nervous system damage as well as reproduction problems.

The World Health Organization in 2011 placed wireless digital meters on a class 2-B carcinogen list, and the National Institute of Health along with lab scientists found biological changes in the brain after only minutes of exposure.

After hiring independent lab scientists, many insurance companies will not insure liability damage from wireless meters.

SIEA will also tell you that their meter only pulses radiation 4 seconds every 30 minutes, 24 hours a day. Actually the electric company is receiving data constantly from the meters that talk to each other in the area to check for communication, this “pinging” generates radiation 30 minutes per hour.

By adding these new radio transmitters in smart meters radiation is much worse than the norm.

Educate yourself for your own family; ask yourself and SIEA why they are so adamant in forcing these utility revenue collection transmitters?

Is this a marketing gimmick created by corporations to sell meters made in foreign countries that suck up taxpayer /ratepayer dollars?

Is this a feel good green project which uses time variant pricing schemes that cost you money and your health?

You decide.

SIEA is not governed by the Public Utilities Commission, they are governed by seven board representatives, that includes someone in your district and SIEA phone number is 800-279-7432.

Ken Gennetta

Colorado City

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