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Letter: ‘Yes’ to road tax

‘Yes’ to road tax

Last week, an individual suggested that the county is responsible for all the roads within the county and it is their responsibility to keep the roads maintained.

This would be true in an ideal situation.

However, with today’s economy reducing tax revenues this just isn’t going to happen.

The county is going to take care of the most urgent repairs necessary first so this means that our roads will not be a priority unless it deteriorates drastically or it could be deemed unsafe and a danger to motorists.

While I detest the amount of taxes we are required to pay to local, state and federal governments, the proposed tax of 1 percent actually allows us to direct how this tax will be used. The resolution, No. 2014-09, is available for anyone to review as part of the Feb. 25, Pueblo West Metropolitan District Board of Directors meeting posted on the district website.

The resolution specifically states that the 1 percent sales tax will run for only one six-year period.

At that time it will expire and can only be extended by voter approval.

It also states the tax revenues can be used only to fund street improvement within the district.

The funds will not be co-mingled with the general operating fund and must be accounted for annually.

Finally, a tax that will be spent only as it was approved.

Imagine if social security funds had been kept separate from other tax funds.

We wouldn’t be talking about social security running out any time soon … but that’s another story.

A letter last month hit the nail on the head that if we do not do something to keep our roads in good condition it will affect our safety, our quality of life and, eventually our property values.

The value of a property is only equal to the interest that property will bring on the open market.

I’m sure most of you would agree that a property on well a maintained street in a well maintained area will be worth more than a like home that is located in an area where the streets and access are in a deteriorating condition.

If there is one tax that I would vote for this is it, one that I truly have a say in how the funds are spent and where they are spent.

I’m sure others will feel that funds have not been spent prudently in the past but there is nothing we can do about that at this point.

This is one time we can direct the funds where we want them and then have an expiration date to the spending if necessary.

I never thought I would vote to increase my taxes but I guess I was wrong,

I will cast my vote as a “yes.”

Larry Bennett

Pueblo West

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