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Letter: Other sources of revenue for roads

After reading Jerry Martin’s letter to the editor, I support the sales tax for roads only (“Investment not tax,” The Pueblo West View, March 27, 2014).

But there are other things the board can do to get even more funds for road replacement and repair. After watching marijuana sales since Jan. 1, I would like to suggest to the Metro Board that they worry less about more marijuana stores and worry more about Pueblo West getting its fair share of the county taxes collected.

To quote the Chieftain of Feb. 6, “The legal sale of recreational marijuana since Jan. 1 hasn’t caused a significant problem for Pueblo County and city law enforcement.”

The last I heard, there were four recreational shops in Pueblo West and only one in the rest of the county with none in the city of Pueblo.

It seems to me that we should get 80 percent of the marijuana sales tax money and use that to fix our roads.

If I am wrong about the percentage number of stores in Pueblo West, then just adjust the numbers but the City of Pueblo with their current city council that refuses to allow any pot stores should not get a dime of this money.

This should not be a windfall for the rest of the county either that does not have the stores.

It should be a windfall for Pueblo West.

The second source of revenue would be the state and specifically the portion of South McCulloch Boulevard between Nichols and the east entrance to Pueblo West from U.S. Highway 50 not already repaired.

That portion, along with South Nichols Road, is used by users of Lake Pueblo State Park.

At a meeting of the District Board many years ago, I remember attorney (and Pueblo West default historian) Tom Mullans remarked that a deal was made with the State to fix this road while not making it a state highway.

He also thought that the time limit for this agreement was expired or would soon expire.

My suggestion is to not fix either South McCulloch Boulevard or Nichols Road until we get some kind of monetary support from the State.

It’s their park, not ours.

The Road Sales Tax is just one source of badly needed revenue.

But we, as a district, have got to get tough with the county and the state to stop ignoring the citizens of Pueblo West.

Phil Weber

Pueblo West

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