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Letter: Road tax support

I, Branson A. Haney, a Pueblo West resident and local business owner, fully support the road tax ballot initiative as proposed to me via Rick Clark on April 8.

After more than three decades of living in Pueblo West, it is no question that the Pueblo West’s road system is in dire need of constant repair and maintenance. Based on the following talking points, the proposed financial mechanism will greatly enhance the current process of funding and repairing the thoroughfares in Pueblo West:

• 1 percent tax on retail sales to generate approximately $1,100,000 in tax revenues as verified by a study performed in 2013

• Revenues are dedicated solely to roadway improvements and associated drainage improvements, and cannot be comingle with any other budget projects or the General Fund

• 1 percent tax will not be assessed on grocery, medical, and agricultural purchases

• The tax initiative has a 6 year sunset (expiration) unless otherwise voted and extended by the Pueblo West residents

• The tax initiative will help preserve real estate values by enhancing the quality of life, safety, and enjoyment of current as well as prospective residents.

My support on this measure as a local business owner who builds and sells homes comes from the feedback from my real estate and new homebuyer clients.

These are current residents who have moved to Pueblo West from around the country.

Additionally, as a resident I view this proposal as an investment to help Pueblo West contend with other front range cities as a highly desirable place to reside.

Branson A. Haney, MBA

CEO / Legacy Homes of Pueblo, Inc.

Owner / Haney Real Estate, LLC.

Pueblo West

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