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Letter: Yes, road tax

Yes, road tax

As we all know, both paved and gravel roads in Pueblo West are in horrendous condition.

From what I understand, Pueblo County is technically responsible for maintaining Pueblo West roads.

However, at the current rate of repair and budgets, this could take an eternity.

As a general rule, I vote down tax increases.

I feel differently about Ballot Issue No. 5A.

Because of this 1 percent sales tax, residences of Pueblo West will not foot this bill alone.

Visitors who purchase items in Pueblo West (excluding groceries, medical, and agricultural based sales etc) will be contributing to the repair of our roads.

The boaters and recreationist who visit Pueblo Reservoir are estimated to contribute 25 percent to 35 percent.

This sales tax is dedicated exclusively to roadway improvements and the associated drainage improvements.

It cannot be comingled with other budgets, projects or the general fund. Revenues from the sales tax would supplement, not substitute the current road budget.

It is estimated that it will generate $1,100,000 annually, based on $111,100,000 in retail sales.

Again, this is in addition to the current road budget. The tax has a shelf life of six years.

After six years, it can be reevaluated to be continued or discontinued.

I am voting “yes” for Ballot Issue 5A to protect and improve our quality of life, property values and safety.

The economic growth of Pueblo West is dependent upon improved roads.

Erik Eggleston

Pueblo West

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