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Letter: No more pot shops

I have been a resident of Pueblo West for almost eight years.

I am not happy about the number of pot shops that have been popping up all over Pueblo West.

If we are allowing these shops to tenant anywhere and aren’t limiting their numbers just so the commercial building will have tenants, this is a very short-sighted plan.

Pot shops, according to every Pueblo West resident I have talked to, do not want these in our community.

Who is the Pueblo West Metropolitan District Board of Directors talking to about this issue?

Do these people have property in this community and/or children being raised here?

Pot shops cheapen the look of our community and are sending the wrong message to our teens.

I am a very concerned citizen and I would like to talk to a board member about this issue.

I would also like to know when the meetings are scheduled regarding this issue.

Shouldn’t these be posted in the Pueblo West View?

This is my community also and I believe that by not getting the majority opinions of the people, the board is, in the long run, actually decreasing our property values and detering honest, hard-working families from moving into our area. I could go on and on, this is a very HOT topic for us living in this community.

Metro District Board, remember who you should be representing.

If you don’t know the opinion of the masses, let us know when you will be approving a new pot shop in our area, schedule it at a time that the taxpayers who are working during the day can come, and you will see us in droves, coming to let you know that we want no more pot shops in Pueblo West.

Margo Harriman

Pueblo West

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