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Letter: ‘See you at the Board meeting’

I would like to thank those of you which took time to vote.

My thanks to those who voted for me “thanks.”

Voting was just the first step in the important issues facing Pueblo West.

We, as citizens of this Metro District, must now get involved as to the direction Pueblo West needs to grow.

As a community, each of us must get involved in guiding the newly elected board as to what “we the community” expects from them.

We need to move forward as a community,not of special interest groups, but as a unified community.

With the recent influx of grow facilities and stores as a result of county zone changes, our need is to apply pressure on county leadership to curb the approval of these facilities in Pueblo West.

Our Metro Board should explore if a limit can be applied.

We need citizens to attend the zoning meetings, as well as the county commissioners meetings which has the final vote on zone changes.

The Metro Board is your selected representation for our community.

We as citizens need to be informed about what is happening in Pueblo West.

The best way to understand and support the Board is to attend board meetings.

Hear what your representatives are saying and actions the vote for or against.

Vent your views in the open forum time.

The Board meets the second Tuesday and the fourth Tuesday of each month.

Currently, the start time is 6 p.m. at the Metro office building.

See you at the Board meetings.

James (Jim) Maggard

Pueblo West

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