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Letter: Party affiliations

Recently, in a “Letter to the Editor” the writer criticized the actions of the local Democratic Party and indicated he would no longer be voting for that party locally.

He went on to say he would never vote for a Republican.

That really narrows his choices.

What is one of the main problems in politics today?

It’s our unbending loyalties to our party affiliations.

I can agree with voting for the ideologies of a party on the national or maybe at the state level, but local political races should be based on the individual’s qualifications and not his/her political affiliations. Local politics is more like finding the right CEO to run our business.

A business we call “Pueblo.”

Do you let party affiliation influence your decisions in other areas of your life?

Must a Bronco quarterback be “Political Party Correct” before being considered for the team?


Nothing should matter but his/her abilities to get the job done whether in sports or local management.

I have seen many candidates with great qualifications lose because of their party affiliations and it has really limited the “out of the box” thinking that could have us competing with Colorado Springs instead of just being a downstream receptacle for their storm and wastewater.

Voting the party line is just a lazy way to cast your vote.

You don’t have to spend time reading or listening to make a decision.

All you have to do is vote the party line and pat yourself on the back as having done your duty.

Remember a one party point of view is not healthy so look closely at all candidates, it will double your chances for getting it right.

Hopefully prosperity will follow.

Gary Walker

Pueblo West

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