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Letter: No more pot shops

So in recent days there have been articles in the Pueblo Chieftain that opposition to pot shops in Pueblo West is growing (May 5, 2014).

Frankly, there hasn’t been support for the pot shops with the Pueblo West Metropolitan District since Nov. 6, 2012 when Amendment 64 was passed in Colorado.

The constituents of the Pueblo West Metropolitan District voted against the Amendment 51 percent o 49 percent.

The remainder of Pueblo County, including the City of Pueblo, voted for it 60 percent to 40 percent.

Yet, the Pueblo County commissioners have pushed this agenda into the Pueblo West Metro District.

It’s a shame the Metro District board of directors has allowed this to happen despite their constituencies’ vote.

At the same time, the City of Pueblo will not allow these within its confines even though the people voted for it there by such a large majority.

I suggest that a moratorium be placed on any more pot shops within the Pueblo West Metropolitan District and the County Commissioners rezone county neighborhoods, so these businesses can be located where the people voted for them.

The “tax revenue stream” created by this law is more like a “revenue trickle.”

The state of Colorado has a $19 billion budget and this marijuana tax revenue is projected to generate only $100 million this year.

Of that $100 million, the current proposal at the state level is that $40 million will be spent on pot regulation, $40 million on rehab and education programs instructing people under the age of 21 they shouldn’t be using pot. Only $20 million will be spent on schools as the amendments intention to support schools. $20 million for a $19 billion budget.

How pitiful.

In the meantime, a college student ate a marijuana lade cookie and jumped out of a four-story balcony in Denver. A father of three shot within his house his children’s mother in front of his children after eating marijuana-laced candy, and the Denver Post provides an analysis that there have been multiple Emergency Room visits by toddlers who have eaten marijuana-laced edibles.

I think the Pueblo West Metro District board of directors should do a better job of resisting the “push” made by the County Commissioners of placing these businesses in our neighborhood.

After all, we did vote against this measure, 51 percent to 49 percent.

William Klenke

Pueblo West

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