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Letter: ‘Do something’

‘Do something’

I’ve been reading that the pot issue has been a “hot topic.”

I’m glad to hear it; it should be.

Where are lines drawn?

Where does common sense come in? Why aren’t full page ads on prostitution on the back of our newspaper?

Yet full pages ads for pot purchases are.

How much time and money is spent to educate children in the public schools that drug use is bad and bad for them?

Our schools are posted as drug free zones.

Yet what do our children see throughout Pueblo West in mass?

Around town, there are billboards encouraging to “Be a good role model and be tobacco free.”

Yet we, as a state, have allowed the sale and use of pot to become legal.

From what I understand, several years ago when Walmart was considering a distribution center in Pueblo West, it was met with resistance.

What kind of resistance and requirements and regulations are the pot shops meeting with?

Our governing officials and authorities county and statewide not only have a civil obligation to us as residents but a moral obligation, as well. We, as residents, also have a moral obligation to make our voice heard for what is harmful to our families and community, and speak out and vote accordingly.

At a state political convention I attended several years ago a man I sat next to said he felt we should allow pot to become legal and “free up” enforcement to deal with more “serious” issues.

I disagreed and voted accordingly on our party’s political platform that day.

Just a couple of weeks ago, down the street from where I work in Pueblo, several police cars, a fire truck and an ambulance were called because a couple of guys were drinking and using pot and had passed out, one of them had fallen and injured himself.

Has this law freed up or messed up?

The legalization, sale and use of pot is not a good thing, but we, as residents, must reverse this law and be sensible.

Our decision will form our destiny not only as individuals but as a community.

Morality is a good thing.

Boundaries are a good thing.

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing,” Edmund Burke.

Do something.


Pueblo West

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