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Letter: ‘Slow down!’

I would like to get some second opinions about accidents waiting to happen. I ask that everybody drive by the house on 231 Countryside (the house is abandoned).

Then drive down the alley and look in the back yard (the fence is falling apart, you won’t need to get out of your car).

This is a fire waiting to happen and a paradise for rats.

All the agencies have been notified and the Fire Department sent somebody out to look at it.

It has been over a year and nothing has been done.

One spark on a hot windy day and my guess is this whole block is going to burn.

My other issue is Hemlock Drive.

I have lived at the bottom Hemlock Speedway for more than 30 years.

In that time, I have only seen one car pulled over as cars routinely do 40-50-60-70 mph coming down the hill.

Being retired, I spend a lot of time in my yard or sitting on my porch watching the world race by (literally).

I have observed approximately 25 percent of drivers are on the phone and another 5 percent are texting, and the vast majority are speeding. Hemlock is not a shortcut — Slow down!

There are a lot of children living on Hemlock and somebody is going to get killed or injured.

Nothing is going to slow these people down unless it affects them financially.

I ask that authorities please post cruisers and give tickets, tickets and more tickets (not warnings).

Lynn Miller

Pueblo West

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