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Letter: No more pot shops

No more pot shops

Add my name to the list of Pueblo West reidents opposed to pot shops in Pueblo West.

We have asked every board (Pueblo West, Pueblo County, City of Pueblo) to stop/halt new pot shops in Pueblo West, and they have refused because they “can’t” do anything about it.


It has become apparent that the reason they cannot do anything about it is the “money” generated by license fees and taxes.

The Pueblo County board is fine with approvals and placing all of them in Pueblo West.

The County gets the money, and Pueblo West gets the headache.

If you think that pot shops in the community will not cause any problems you should check with the Colorado governor.

He does see problems ahead.

Please note the following information found in the Pueblo Chieftain, Feb. 20, 2014: “the Governor (Hickenlooper) predicted sales and excise taxes would produce $98 million and lists his six priorities for this ‘wonderful’ superfun/windfall (my words). $45.5 million for youth use prevention (if it’s not ap roblem why prevent usage); $40.4 million for substance abuse treatment; $12.4 million for public health to avoid negative impact on children; $5.8 million media campaign to highlight the drug’s (marijuana) health risks; $1.9 million for the ‘Drive High, Get a DUI’ campaign and $7 million for an additional 105 beds in residential treatment centers.”

It looks like millions going into drug prevention when the effort is to make money from selling it.

It is ridiculous, to say the least.

The tax amount collected by the County in January 2014 and given to Pueblo West was approximately $9,000.

What are they doing with the rest of the $55,000?

If all of the pot shops are in Pueblo West, most of the revenue should go to Pueblo West to help cover the expenses the Governor expected, as listed above, right?

Unfortunately, Pueblo West residents, this will not happen.

The County has not dealt fairly with Pueblo West in the past (note Intergovernmental Agreements).

our road issues are a good example.

I don’t see them helping us out of our pot or pothole problems any time soon.

Let’s join our voices in opposing any more drug dealers in Pueblo West.

It will eventually have a negative impact on our community if we do nothing.

Diana Johnson

Pueblo West

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