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Letter: A bumpy ride, folks

I read with some interest the article about the SDS discussion coming out of Executive Session and being bared in public discussion.

It seems a bit strange that we would sit and tell those we are negotiating with what our bottom dollar is that we would take in order to accept their offer.

It would be like me going to a dealership to purchase a new car and sitting with the salesman and the sales manager while they discuss how low they will go in order to sell the car.

Why would I ever offer anything above that number?

It was also interesting that all of this was decided by our three new board members prior to them even knowing what was going on with the negotiations and where the district stood in regard to these negotiations.

Then, against the advice of the two current board members not to take it out of executive session, our three new members decided that this should be a public discussion.

It was amazing that these three new board members then decided against following both of the legal counsels representing Pueblo West Metropolitan District advice when they said it would be in the District’s best interest to keep it in executive session for the time being.

The board was also advised that after the “working document” was complete it would then be taken out of Executive Session and presented for public discussion before accepting or rejecting the contract with Colorado Springs Utilities and yet the vote was still 3-2 to take it out of Executive Session at this time, even though the three admitted that they need to have more clarification to understand the document.

Does “we have to pass this law so we can find out what’s in it” sound familiar?

Why do we pay for legal counsel if we’re not going to follow their suggestions, especially if they said they would be limited in what they could say or recommend in a public environment?

It seems to me that money could be saved by getting rid of our legal counsel since we’re not going to listen to them anyway.

Maybe the money could be better spent fixing pot holes.

Looks like we could be in for a bumpy ride, folks.

Larry Bennett

Pueblo West

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