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Letter: Just ask

Thank you, new Metro Board, for your intentions to be more open and to seek “...the community’s input.”  

Now, I ask you to take the next step and actually ask our opinion as to what is important to all of us.  

A few years ago, the board sent out a survey to all Pueblo West residents in our water bill asking us to rate our Top 10 Concerns.  

As I recall, road maintenance was No. 1 and recreation was last at No. 10.

I’m asking the three new board members and a new board president, to actively request the entire community’s opinion on what is important and how the board should spend our money.  

The few people that usually attend the board meetings and the few that write Letters to the Editor, may not be representative of the whole populace.  

So please, develop a new survey and collect our thoughts on the direction to proceed for Pueblo West’s future. 

Stephen Peugnet

Pueblo West

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