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Letter: Information helps choices

This is a note to give kudos to Mike Hudson and Tom Clason. The articles each of you wrote are great stuff.

This is the kind of information people need to have to make intelligent choices. Unfortunately, the people who most need to read these columns either can’t or will not. Too, there are many who are so sure that they are being “taken care of” by those that actually should be prosecuted that their minds are closed to the truth.

The truth not only shall make you free, it will take you out of the “victim” category. If you believe that this great nation needs to be “fundamentally transformed,” let’s divert from our present path to socialism, and let’s try a new idea? One called, “personal responsibility.”

It means that you can actually decide whether you want your life to be good or poor. No one is going to force you to be one way or the other, neither will they make you that way. You can “drive the bus” by yourself. It feels good.

Actually, it’s not really new, it’s the way things worked up until the 1960s when the politicians decided to take over the driver’s seat for their own gain and power. Young people and many older people loved the newfound freedom from doing right; lay back, smoke a joint and let Uncle Sugar take care of you.

Look around, how has it worked for us? Economically and morally bankrupt, and healthwise we’re on our way out. As Tom Clason so aptly put it, “You will grow old a disappointed person.”

By the way Rev.(?) Pratt, stay away from the self-meds, no rational person spews the crap you did.

Bud Butler

Pueblo West

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