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Letter: Keep the traffic moving

It happened again yesterday.

I am driving up Purcell Boulevard getting ready to turn right onto U.S. Highway 50, and there sits a car, waiting for traffic to clear, or the light to change, or something.

I lean on my horn, and the person driving that vehicle simply sits.

When the traffic moving east finally clears, the car moves slowly onto the approach lane, and creeps along it and finally moves out onto the highway.

By that time, of course, I’ve moved into the left lane, and have passed him/her on my way to whatever speed traffic seems to be moving at the time.

I’m mad.

The person I honked at is probably mad at me.

And I’ve wasted anything from 30 seconds to a minute waiting on a dolt that doesn’t know how or won’t move into an approach lane and match speed.

There is a sign at that corner that says “Yield only to pedestrians.”

They mean for you to not stop.



When you come to that corner, go around it, match speed with the traffic and merge.

Don’t just sit there.

That approach lane is 2-tenths of a mile long.

Enough to get to 65 easily.

Or whatever speed traffic is moving.

Don Swearingen

Pueblo West

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