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Letter: ‘Folks, awaken!’

Most have heard of the “Midas Touch” where everything the king touched turned to gold; wow, what a great thing.

The only real problem was that he couldn’t eat or drink gold.

Well, the king in the United States has the “Opposite Touch,” everything he touches turn to ... well.

His need to assure the environmentalist’s votes has caused the cart to get way in front of the horse.

He is fatally wounding the coal industry, messing up the Middle East situation, sending oil prices into orbit, refusing to build the oil pipeline from Canada and strangling other fuel sources with EPA regulations.

He also is fatally wounding the middle class from the United States with insane policies and economic strangulation.

That’s only a part of it because he’s not through yet.

Executive director Kent Singer’s article concerning the effect of EPA rules on the cost of electric power is very good.

Definitely read this.

Also, read the article, “Backyard Power Packs.”

These two are very plain in their description of economics, effectiveness and complexity involved in so-called green power.

Substituting natural gas for coal will undoubtedly increase the demand for gas and the immutable laws of economics dictate that the price goes up.

Remember, natural gas also is a leading source for our home hating.

Well, you say, I’ll just put in some solar panels to collect free heat and generate free power from the sun.

Have you gotten an estimate of how much this would cost?

If you are going to live in this house for a lot of years, it might be feasible.

I was an HVAC engineer for more than 40 years and in all that time, I was never tasked to design a solar installation.

The period of payback on the systems was the deciding factor and still is.

Folks, awaken!

We must get scammers out of Washington and demand responsible leadership.

Ronald Reagan, we sure miss you!

Bud Butler

Pueblo West

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