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Letter: Allies

Many of the Spanish, Portuguese and Italian sir-named people in southern Colorado and New Mexico have a special link to the Israeli people, in that they are decedents of the Spanish, Portuguese and Italian (neofiti) Jewish colonist that settled here, over 400 years ago. These colonist were fleeing another holocaust, the Inquisition in Spain, Portugal and the Kingdom of Sicily.

Now Hamas, in the Gaza strip, is attempting another holocaust by attacking Israel with rocket-fire on a daily basis. Israel has no choice but to clean house in Gaza to protect it’s citizens. Hamas is just another radical Islamic terrorist group, dead set on destroying Israel.

The Israeli people are a peace loving people. When is the last time you heard of an Israeli terrorist trying to kill an American citizen. Never. Since 1948, the U.S., Britain and our allies have protected Israel, and now more than ever they need us.

Frank J. Peralta

Pueblo West

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