Letter: Factual confrontation

On the morning of Aug. 14 in northern Pueblo West, a young man and young woman walked up the the front door of a house.

The lady of the house answered the door to say good morning. Immediately, the young couple started asking the following questions.

Do you know what you signed when you signed the recall petition against Angela Giron?

Do you know what Ms. Giron stands for?


The lady of the house, feeling put down by their tone, answered, “Yes, I always read and approve any papers I sign or I wouldn’t have signed the petition.”

The majority of the people in Pueblo County voted for freedom of speech and keeping our second amendment rights.

Angela Giron voted against those wishes so as to stand with the dictating wants of the political money people in Denver and New York.

She also passed an amendment that would make it almost impossible to stop illegal voting.

The young couple then stated to the lady of the house that we live in a democracy and the majority rules.

The lady of the house, knowing history and the constitution said, “Not so.” You need to study our form of government.

We live under a constitutional republic following the rule of law so there is no mob rule.

The constitution was written by our founding fathers following strict moral guide lines to protect the people.

It is amazing that anyone working for a government official would not know what kind of government we have.

Then the young lady (couple) implied that it is racism that motivated the recall petition.

Not so, said the lady of the house.  

Ms. Angela Giron failed to do the will of her constituents and passed legislation that was not only illegal under the constitution, but against the dictates of her constituents.

The lady of the house responded, “No, it isn’t racism, I just believe Mr. George Rivera, a former police officer, will better serve the voters of Pueblo County and follow the constitution.”

Then the couple stated the money to recall Ms. Giron came from “out of town” rich people.

Not so again, the lady of the house stated, the recall was started by several blue collar workers that want to keep more of their tax money and have a better Pueblo to live and work in.

Recalls are constitutional tools to remove tyranny, to prevent illegal political actions and to protect the people.

We have to have an elected official to follow the constitution for this country to survive and prosper.

And so the young couple left!

Alvin Lorimer

Pueblo West

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