PW gets more ‘beautification’

Women’s League focuses on new ‘Let’s stART’ community project

Bits and corners of Pueblo West will start to look “spruced up” in the coming months as the Pueblo West Women’s League tackles its “Let’s stART” project, aimed to make the community a little more beautiful.

Through the project, the women’s league plans to incorporate art from area artists on street corners and other places that need a little beautification.

“We looked around and thought there were places that could use some help,” said Barb Murfit, President of the Pueblo West Women’s League.

“We contacted a local artist on the Mesa — Ron Barela — and he’s doing this project for us to start.”


Barela is making large metal flowers, between four and 10-feet tall, in bright colors that will be installed at the southeast corner of Joe Martinez and South McCulloch boulevards, which Murfit said is “a bit of an eyesore.”

“Eventually we’ll put some xeriscape plants there, too, and just really spruce it up,” she said.

“There are rocks already there positioned, so Ron will just intermingle the flowers through the rocks.”

Barela said the long-term hope is to include a variety of large outdoor art pieces in places throughout Pueblo West, to help bring more art to the community and feature local artists.

“We wanted to find someone locally to do this, and Ron is a really neat guy. He’s excited to do it, and he said he’ll maintain the art over time too.”

The Women’s League had already budgeted $2,400 for the project, and Murfit said she hopes the community “jumps on” the idea.

Murfit said Barela plans to start soon and hopes to have all the flowers installed by the end of November.

“It will be really colorful and fun,” Murfit said, who has worked on the project extensively with Nancy Mau.

To get involved in Let’s stART, contact pwwl

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