Remember Lizzy

The Pueblo West community has embraced Lizzy Marino’s family and friends with warmth and love.

There is no question that Lizzy Marino’s sudden passing has left a tremendous void.

The absence of her tremendous energy and her passion for living has created a perplexing “thirst” among all those who knew her. This thirst is for the love that Lizzy shared. And it can only be quenched by sharing this very same love with others.

Over the past few weeks, the District 70 family and the Pueblo West community has found many beautiful ways to remember “Ms. Mo,” and to support her family.


At Skyview Middle School, where Lizzy’s son, Tanner Tate, is a sixth grader, the students and teachers organized a special “Day of Love for Lizzy.”

All students and staff were invited to wear their favorite baseball team gear in honor of Lizzy’s passion for baseball in general, and for the Boston Red Sox in particular.

Skyview’s ‘Day of Love’ also gave students an opportunity to write messages for Lizzy and her family, and to make donations to the memorial fund.

The response from this close-knit school family was remarkable.

Skyview’s Student Council Advisor, RaeAnn McCarthy said that the idea for the special day for Lizzy came from her students, parents and fellow teachers. “They were emailing me just hours after we got the news of Lizzy’s passing, asking what can we do,” McCarthy said.

“It is never a question of if we should we do something…but always what will we do. They did all of the leg work. I just put the word out to our student groups and they ran with it,” McCarthy added, “This is what I love so much about this school, and about our Pueblo West community. There is never any hesitation when someone needs help. And when it comes to kids helping their own.., it is truly amazing.”

McCarthy and Duane Nava, Skyview’s assistant principal, recalled that Lizzy’s oldest son, Dauson Tate, was their student council president just a few years ago, and they reflected on how his leadership helped to strengthen their culture of giving.

“Dauson loved to help others,” McCarthy remembers. “He was so excited, and so empowered by giving of his time and experience to help fellow students…It is good that we can be here for Dauson and his family now.”

All of the students and staff at Desert Sage Elementary, where Lizzy taught for 13 years, were deeply impacted by her passing.

Every student was invited to make a card for “Ms. Mo”, and to share their thoughts and feelings. Their cards are precious; each with a simple, honest, and deeply touching message.

Fortunately, these cards were displayed at the moving and inspirational memorial service, which was hosted by the wonderful teachers and staff at Pueblo West High School.

On these cards, Ms. Mo’s kids said it all.

“Ms. Marino is the osumist teacher ever…and a feisty frotografer.

“You teach us of understanding and cool.”

A memorial fund for Elizabeth Marino’s family has been set up at US Bank.

Visit any US Bank location to make a donation.

Friends of Lizzy Marino will be hosting a fundraiser for her family on Saturday November 2nd at Cat’s Pourhouse in Pueblo West.

The event will include dinner to be served from 3 to 6 p.m., a silent auction from 3 to 8 p.m., and a live band from 7 to 11 p.m.

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