Students walk Broncos to Superbowl

Students at Liberty Point International School walked about 1,750 miles collectively as they “walked the Broncos to the Super Bowl,” an activity as part of the school’s NFL Fuel Up to Play 60 program.

One of the fitness challenges the school set for its students for the Fuel Up program was to walk the distance from Pueblo West to New York, the site of this year’s Super Bowl XLVIII.

Students not only completed the 1,741-mile trek, but surpassed it by 23 miles.

“It was a whole school endeavor,” said sponsor Laura Guardamondo.


“We had a lot of good feedback and the kids were really excited.

“They enjoyed seeing the poster (of progress) and had fun out walking with their friends.”

The fitness challenge was divvied by grade level.

Each grade level walked around the track at the school together as a class and logged their laps.

Many teachers walked as well. The school adopted a special schedule for six weeks that allowed a 30-minute window one day a week for the classes to take turns walking (so each class had two 30-minute slots).

“A lot of our kids ran, like our cross country and track kids,” Guardamondo said.

“Our goal was for each kid to walk two miles each of the days.

“That was a lofty endeavor, and definitely some of the kids went farther than that. Especially the second time around, they were really excited.”

To track the progress, a giant poster was placed in the school cafeteria.

It showed the “route” the students took from Pueblo West to New York, and noted each of the other NFL stadiums they “reached” during the walk.

Guardamondo said each week an announcement was made to let students know the total number of miles walked, as well as those per grade level.

The competition among grades made kids more excited, she said.

“And because Play 60 is an NFL-sponsored thing, on the days that the students walked, we encouraged them to wear their favorite football apparel, Broncos or otherwise,” Guardamondo said.

Certainly a success, Guardamondo said all the staff is excited to see the students reach their walking goal and said the idea – or something similar – might likely be used again next year.

Other area schools are considering picking up the idea for their students, too.

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