School lunch costs going up

Increases required by federal law

Lunch will cost a little more this school year for Pueblo County District 70 students and Pueblo City Schools (D60) middle school students.

The District 70 school board on Tuesday approved a 10-cent per meal increase at all levels.

At D60, only middle school students will pay 10 cents more per lunch beginning in the fall.

The increases are required to comply with the federal law on the equity of lunch prices.


The law requires school districts participating in the national school lunch program to provide the same level of financial support for lunches served to paying students as to what is provided for students receiving a free or reduced lunch.

The current federal lunch reimbursement rate is $2.93.

School districts are required to raise prices by at least 5 cents per year until the difference is made up.

In District 70, elementary school students now will pay $2.05 per lunch, while middle school students will pay $2.15 per lunch.

High school lunch prices are $2.25 and an adult lunch without milk price is $2.75

D60’s middle school students will pay $1.90 per lunch.

The elementary and high school lunch prices will remain unchanged.

The elementary school prices are $1.75 and high school students will pay $2.

Jill Kidd, director of nutrition services, said last year elementary lunch prices were increased as part of the mandate.

“This year the increase is being placed on middle school students. We are trying to impact as few students as possible,” she said. Reduced lunch prices for both districts at all levels remains at 40 cents per lunch.

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