Dance studio close to home

Get everything a dancer needs, from clothing to pointe shoes, without driving to Colorado Springs or Denver at the new Silhouettes Dance Boutique in Pueblo West.

Michelle Boutros opened the store in June to serve the Pueblo and Pueblo West community of young dancers.

She said after driving so many of her students to Colorado Springs or beyond to purchase their items, she wondered why someone hadn’t opened something closer to home.

“I thought someone should do this – so I did it!” she said.


“My idea is to support our dance community. We have about 10 schools in the area, and each school has probably 100-plus students, so that’s a lot of people that can be shopping here closer to home.”

Boutros said she really wants to support the local community.

She has contacted several photographers about taking dance photography shots that can be displayed in the boutique.

She wants to connect with other local companies who have hair and jewelry accessories as well.

She also talked about starting a program for dancers who are less fortunate and struggle to purchase the gear they need.

Other shoppers who wish can purchase extra, which will be donated to those in need.

“Dance changed my life,” Boutros said. “So I want to support people and serve our community.”

Boutros started dancing ballet at age 7 and became a professional dancer with a ballet company in St. Petersburg, Fla., at age 16.

When she started having some foot injuries she left dance for awhile, trying out some different things in college before becoming the ballet director at a Christian arts school and eventually going to Belhaven University in Mississippi.

There, she met Stephen Wynne, who later became the Artistic Director and Director of Dance Education at the Sangre de Christo Arts Center in Pueblo.

He encouraged her to come to Pueblo and work, which she did in 2012.

It was then, teaching classes, that she realized how far families were traveling to get their dance outfits, so she decided to open Silhouettes Dance Boutique.

She has also recently accepted a position to be the Artistic Director for the Sangre de Christo School of Dance, beginning August 1.

Because dance and the business side of arts are both so important to Boutros’ life, she hopes to combine the two in the future.

“I want to hire dancers so I can teach them the business side of the arts, and implement a volunteer program so they can work behind the scenes in production and administration work,” she said.

“They can learn all sides of the art. It makes you a stronger candidate when you audition for a company if you can work in any aspect and help them in many ways.”

Boutros said she wants to help outfit all the dancers in the Pueblo area, and also encourage the children to attend college and better their futures.

Silhouettes Dance Boutique carries sizes from toddler to adult and many major brands.

If an item is not in stock, Boutros can order it from the catalog and in most cases have it within a week. She plans to have a website and online store to help make shopping even easier.

Boutros also offers pointe shoe fittings, which she says are very important for a dancer so they don’t injure themselves.

Fittings are by appointment and she will help a dancer find the perfect pointe shoe for their foot.

“I am all about customer service,” she said. “And all about our Pueblo community.”

Silhouettes is currently open Tuesday through Friday from 11 a.m. until 6 p.m. and on Saturdays from 11 a.m. until 7 p.m. The store is located at 2

79 S. Joe Martinez Blvd., across from the Pueblo West Library and can be reached at 719-505-8042.

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