Ice cream truck brings more ‘yum’

It’s summertime.

The weather is hot.

There’s tinkling music in the air. That can only mean one thing – ice cream truck!

The ice cream truck in Pueblo West is not your ordinary ice cream truck.


You won’t find any high-priced Bomb Pops or sticky candy on this rig – YumTumlicious serves up freshly made, high quality hand-dipped ice cream cones.

For years, folks in Pueblo West have longed for their own ice cream truck to cruise the streets and serve deliciousness to children and adults alike.

Last year, Donna Squire and her husband, Bob, decided it sounded like a fun job in their semi-retirement.

And they put their own tasty twist on the summer staple.

“It’s not your typical truck,” Squire said.

“We have between 20-30 flavors on board to choose from and it’s all quality product, hand-packed. I would put us up against Bluebell, Baskin Robbins – any of the best, at any time. We serve gelato and sorbet too, and you can take home a pint if you’d like.”

The ice cream comes from Glacier Ice Cream in Colorado Springs. Squire puts in her order each Monday and picks up a few days later, so there is a constant rotation of flavors to pick from.

“We also do snow cones, and we have popcorn too so I have something to serve to the diabetics. We don’t want to leave anyone out!” she said.

YumTumlicious serves “tennis ball sized” scoops of ice cream in a cup or cone, and also offers baby cones that are tiny servings for young children or those who don’t want to indulge “too much.”

Squire grew up in Pueblo and lived in Westcliffe for the past 30 years.

When she and Bob decided to move to Pueblo West and be semi-retired, they started searching for an ice cream truck.

“Just wanting to get out of the hustle-bustle of the working force, I’d always told my husband that an ice cream truck would be awesome.

“We looked from Maryland to Texas for this truck,” she said.

They found theirs in Arizona and drove it home. It has all the typical ice cream truck music – even animal sounds.

In their year in Pueblo West, Squire said they’re beginning to learn their way around the neighborhoods in the community.

Serving people ice cream tends to make everybody happy, Squire said, something she loves doing.

“It just makes them happy and me happy,” she said.

“It’s a fun job. We both agree it’s the best job we’ve ever had.”

YumTumlicious is available for special events for groups or parties.

Pueblo West residents can even give Squire a call at 276-4126 and request the truck cruise through a particular neighborhood.

She said the truck will continue to make its rounds through the fall, since it stays warm long after school starts and she hopes to get involved with local organizations and assist with fundraisers.

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