70 bond construction moves forward

Some of the schools in Pueblo West are looking quite different after summer construction, thanks to the bond issue passed last fall.

Several schools were completely remolded at their entrances to provide a locking, secure set of doors so visitors can be appropriately monitored. Liberty Point Elementary, Liberty Point International and Sierra Visa Elementary were reconfigured.

The new entrances mean doors are always locked and visitors have to be buzzed through the entrance.

Before, some of the schools had a much more open floor plan where anyone could walk in and bypass the office if they so chose.


A more secure entrance for Pueblo West High School is still in the works, since its remodel will be extensive to relocate the office at the front of the school.

“We looked at the plan cost estimates and tried to figure out a different way to (configure the front of the high school), but still accomplish what we wanted,” said Ryan Elarton, director of business services for Pueblo School District 70.

“What we came up with was to create the administration space onto the outside of the school (as it is now), and leave the commons area the way it was, so we wouldn’t be basically doubling up on construction efforts.”

Because the original plans called for adding second-floor classrooms over the commons area that now will not be constructed, Elarton said that is “being taken care of” with the classroom addition to the school that will now be freestanding.

Ground already has been broken for that portion of construction.

Other things already on their way in Pueblo West include classroom additions at Liberty Point Elementary, Sierra Vista Elementary, Prairie Winds Elementary, Skyview Middle School and Liberty Point International.

“Skyview already has a wall up, so they’re moving right along,” Elarton said.

Desert Sage is in the final process of picking is new handicapped accessible playground equipment as well and will have other minor changes.

Elarton said construction has, so far, gone relatively smoothly.

“There are always going to be a few hitches, like with a mechanical system for a day or two, but for the most part we’ve been pleased,” he said.

“We’re very happy with the community.

“We’ve had very few complaints and we appreciate people being patient and working with us through all of this.

“People have been patient which is great.”

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