Don’t punish for right decision

I don’t know all the circumstances concerning Pueblo County Commissioner Liane “Buffie” McFadyen potentially being charged with “drinking and setting” in her car.

“Bottom line,” she did the right thing, she didn’t drive.

The problem isn’t Commissioner McFadyen’s conduct but a law that is completely unfair and pushes drinkers to drive instead of waiting.

You can be sited with a DUI or DWAI while setting in your drive way, while sleeping it off in the back seat of your car or in your mobile home in the parking lot of INVESCO stadium.


The law reads that 1. you don’t have to be driving and 2. you don’t have to be behind the wheel, you can be anywhere in the car and 3. you don’t even have to be on a public street and your personal property, your driveway, isn’t home free if you are in a car.

All that needs to occur is you have been drinking and have the potential to drive.

If you are anywhere in a car and have the keys to the car you can be cited.

In other word’s if you walk out of a bar, a wedding, a sporting event after having a few drinks and decide you better sleep it off or get a ride home beware of setting in your car.

The law has good intentions but it can create negative and deadly results.

No one should ever be punished for making the right decision to stop driving while impaired.

How should law enforcement handle this type of situation?

How about positive reinforcement with a courteous ride home or a cab call.

Don’t punish someone for making a right decision.

Gary Walker

Walker Ranches

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