Church savoring new home in PW

New building unites activities under one roof

River of Grace Church in Pueblo West, which started a dozen years ago, now has a place to truly call home for its members.

In December the church moved to a new location, one they purchased for themselves. Associate Pastor Jason Burns said the move was good for so many reasons.

“We got out from under a rent payment, and it’s cheaper to own! Plus before, in our rented space, we had our church in three separate areas and now we’re all in the same building,” he said.

Previously, River of Grace was in the complex of buildings east of McCulloch Boulevard on Spaulding, and it was chunked apart. There was an auditorium for church services and a classroom, then in a separate part of the plaza there was the office and another classroom, and then down the hall again was a conference room.


To be all together in one building will be beneficial for the whole congregation, Burns said. And just this month, River of Grace was given the opportunity to purchase the space next door to their new home, meaning there will be plenty of room to expand in the future.

River of Grace was started as a home bible study in 2002, and had its first public worship service in March 2003. An average of 120 people attend weekly services, and Burns said a recent Sunday (in the new facility) brought in 144 worshippers.

“It’s great to have a place to call home,” he said. “We had looked at other places and at land, because we wanted to have our own place from the beginning, and then this came up. Everybody seems happy.”

The new River of Grace location is at 84 S. Masters.

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