Westcliffe photographer captures unforgettable images that tell stories, offer emotion, feelings

They say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

One that can capture a moment which will soon be just a memory.

Photography is an art and a science.

It is something that is practiced on an hourly basis and something that is ever changing.


Sean Halverson has had an eye for photography for years and now he is making a living capturing unforgettable moments while doing what he loves.

Sean ended up in Colorado after an honorable discharge from the US Army and found it difficult to leave.

“My grandpa was born in Denver and Colorado kind of runs in my blood. My plan after I was discharged, was to go back to Oregon but Colorado got the best of m and here I am,” said Halverson.

Sean now resides in Westcliffe, where he has lived for the past nine years with his wife, Heidi, their two dogs, horses, a cat, and several deer, elk, eagles and coyotes who frequent the area.

Sean has his own studio on the property which he shares with Heidi, who owns and operates The Mountain Moon Gypsy Company.

“It certainly makes for interesting times and stories when sharing this space and she is always ready to model for me when I try out new lights and other equipment, so it also has its advantages.”

Sean has officially been on the photography “scene” for close to four years, and “when we say officially, we mean charging consistent rates for about four years,” he said.

Before, he used to work for tips and for free, just to be able to take photos of anything he could.

“I didn’t care what I was taking photos of, as long as I was pushing the button. I knew the more experience I got, the better I would get.”

Sean has had some great help along the way from fellow friend Pat Garrett who is a one of Sean’s biggest mentors, as well as biggest critics. Candy Sue Upton from CU-in the-Pics is another supporter of Sean’s and the one who introduced him to a network of people that allowed Sean to get in there with his cameras and do what he loves to do most.

Sean is taking every opportunity he can to learn more about photography and just returned home from a photographer’s expo in Phoenix.

“While in Phoenix, I was talking with Scott Kelby who is a world renowned photographer. It donned on me that I was actually having a conversation with one of the top pros in the world.

“It was a moment that just hit me. It is difficult to measure success as a photographer because it is subjective. That was a rare moment for me on how far passion has taken me,” he said.

“These guys know their stuff and I think one of the consistent themes with being a pro photographer that I see the most is the passion they possess. “You can be the most technically competent person with your camera and have an art degree from a top college, but if you don’t have the passion, it shows in your work,”

Sean believes that one needs to have a certain mindset when it comes to photography and passion is one of them.

“I have left the mount to my tripod back in the studio while doing a shoot, so I used a bunch of tape and attached my camera to the tripod instead.

“It worked great and I got some phenomenal shots that morning walking around Garden of the Gods.

“I could hear people laughing at me under their breath, but it was OK.

“You are often humbled living in these moments and I think that is a big attraction for me with photography. I just feel alive when I am photographing.”

Sean will photograph just about anything and he likes to keep a diverse portfolio and challenge himself with new projects.

Clients can either come to the studio or he will go to them.

He has a fully capable mobile studio offering creating services ranging from photography, video, and visual productions.

“I will photograph anything and everything. Weddings, seniors portraits, life events, portraits, commercials, it all requires creativity and that is my kind of stuff.”

In addition to photography, Sean also does videos and video production, and also some chalk art on his free time!

“Video is a whole other thing and there is nothing I like better than sitting down to hours of footage and producing something that makes sense, delivers emotional intent, and that a client can treasure for years to come.

“I like to dabble in chalk art as well. I like to put on my headphones and chalk up a canvas every now and then.

“I think it keeps my eyes in tune with the shading and tones from something that I am creating which is cool and weird at the same time, but it does seem to help with my photography.

“I love it all. This is the good stuff.”

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