Letter: A divisive vote

Each and every Thursday, I anxiously open my Pueblo West View to the letters to the editor section to read what my fellow citizens are saying about the issues that face our community.

The proposed tax increase for road maintenance has been in the spotlight as of late and rightfully so.

Bill Clemens religiously reminds us that the metro board repeatedly spends our tax revenue on wants versus needs for the community.

He has been a great source of information concerning metro board revenues and expenditures not only for the road tax issue but other tax and spend issues over the years; thank you, Mr. Clemens.


Jerry Martin and others have written in support of the proposed tax.

They, however, do not refute Mr. Clemens’ numbers.

Instead, in grand Liberal fashion, they attempt to divert attention by calling this latest raid on our personal bottom lines, “an investment.”

This is akin to the state referring to increased vehicle registration taxes as fees and the federal government referring to the tax for not signing up for health insurance a penalty. They think if they call it something else it will magically be transformed into something good or constitutionally acceptable.

This same Chicken Little crowd has written to express their concern for our community in the form of falling property values and less business investment unless we approve the initiative.

This is the same ad nauseum argument they use to frighten the citizenry into thinking the sky will fall and life as we know it will cease to exist unless we, once again, fork over more of our hard earned income to the government.

A government, in this case local, but much like the federal and state governments, that continually fails to prioritize expenditures, continually placing wants ahead of needs.

We consumers face ever increasing electric, natural gas, water, fuel and food costs and must make decisions each and every day as to what we will spend our income on.

Do we pay the utility bills, fuel our vehicles, feed our families, or, do we take a vacation or buy that latest gadget?

The metro board does not want to do that.

They want to hold their palms upturned and say give us more, because we can’t choose correctly.

Now we face yet another divisive vote due to government failure.

A vote that was intentionally omitted from the last election due to the large number of tax issues the metro board did not want to compete with then.

They have deliberately and arrogantly scheduled the vote for May thinking that we voters are too ignorant to remember six months in the past or forecast six months into the future to the next election ballot bloated with tax initiatives.

They are betting that there are more of us that will forget that they have spent the lunch money on video games and bubble gum and simply hand them more.

I hope they are wrong.

James Richardson

Pueblo West

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