Letter: Where’s the money?

Notice: The Pueblo West Metropolitan District Board of Directors are working on the budget for 2014.

You know this is where five elected metro board members write a blank check for next year’s spending.

The monies spent and commitments made for the likes of Fire Station No. 3, Desert Hawk Golf Course and planning for the Soaring Eagles Sports Complex are spent lost forever.

It is sad that board meetings play to an almost empty house every second and fourth Tuesday of every month.


If you have ideas and strong commitments to issues then attend the meetings where the people who govern will hear you.

All talk and no show gets little done.

Those unhappy taxpayers missed a real show of representative government at the Oct. 8 metro board meeting.

As time wore on, a consultant and planner was hired to plan Civic Center Park.

Public hearings for input were held, a plan was submitted, plans were finalized and requests for bids were sent out which included alternative additions.

The low bid was accepted at around $1 million with several of the board members apparently unaware of changes made by Pueblo West staff.

Pueblo West staff came in Oct. 8 suggesting additional spending above and beyond the original plans which will extend the project to $1.4 million.

Comments were similar to “If we don’t do it now, we may never get another chance as next years budget looks tough.”

Why spend big dollars to hire consultants to make plans if Pueblo West Metropolitan District doesn’t want to follow them.

That’s a waste to taxpayer dollars.

Recalling Pueblo County Commissioners acquisition of the Ice House property for $750,000 then spending $8 million to clean it up and then committing an additional $100 million for the new building, makes me wonder if our Pueblo West officials have learned to just start spending and making change orders to get what didn’t appear to be affordable in the first place.

I would like to see a project built to the original plan, which includes all costs, and at the original total amount. Tell the taxpayers what is being done and stick to the bid amount.

As far as the water used on the golf course, one needs to remember the golf course uses untreated water whereas Parks and Recreation uses treated water.

Per acre it costs more to water parks than the golf course because the golf course pumps water, at its own expense, from Cattail Crossing, which is wastewater from the water treatment plant.

Also, the golf course does pay a portion of their water bill whereas Parks and Recreation pays nothing.

If you’re unhappy about the water rate increases, just remember you are not just watering your lawn but also the parks.

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