Letter: Tired of local Dems’ attitude

I just received an email from Dan Aschkinasi of the Colorado Democratic Party stating, “I wanted to be sure you heard that Congressman Joaquin Castro (D-San Antonio) will be our special guest at this year’s Jefferson Jackson Dinner! We’re expecting a sell-out crowd again this year, and I don’t want you to miss out.”

My reply was this, “Sorry Dan, I am fed-up with the Democrat Party in Pueblo County. There is an arrogant aristocracy controlling the party here. They have disrespected Hispanos, Latinos and Native Americans horribly in the last few years in Pueblo County.

They have purged key Latino Democrat incumbents and all they want is our votes, not our input. I won’t vote Republican, but I don’t have to vote for the democratic aristocracy either. Tell Congressman Castro not to come to Pueblo. The democratic aristocracy is just looking for Tio-Tacos and Tia-Tortillas to show case, so they can get Latino and Native American votes.

Frank J. Peralta

Pueblo West

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