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Communication efforts abound

Pueblo West Ham Radio Club demonstrations natural disaster emergency services

When it comes to communication during time of emergencies, sometimes a cell phone isn’t the most reliable source.

The recent fires in the Black Forest and Royal Gorge — and now South Fork — are just examples of natural disasters which shut down electricity and normal means of communications between all serves.

This is essentially important for a group of Pueblo West residents whose primary focus is on emergency communications using ham radios.

The Pueblo West Amateur Radio Club played host to an annual “field day” last week for a National Demonstration of Disaster Communications using ham radios.

The demonstration was a special ham radio 24-hour demonstration and operation of emergency powered, field radio communications, which began June 22 and ended June 23.

Demonstrations showed that when natural disasters occur and communications’ power disappears, Amateur Radio Operators prove ready to provide these important communications links, all without relying on electrical power.

More than 40,000 amateur radio operators participated in this annual national test of emergency communication capabilities.

For those who were interested, people were invited to try talking on the radios that were operating at a field station at 676 S. Dante Drive, near the intersection of South Dante Drive and South Joe Martinez Boulevard.

Both CW (Morse code) and voice messages were received and sent during the period of the 24 hours of operation.

Modern digital communications equipment also was used, as well as solar power batteries.

For more information about the Pueblo West Amateur Radio Club, contact Vice President Jim McConnell at 647-9601 or Paul Sipes, President, at 251-4466.

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