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Lake Pueblo begins road project

If driving through Lake Pueblo State Park was a shortcut for road construction, be prepared.

And for many who use the road along the lake, it’s not news that there are plenty of problems with the road, from holes, cracks, decay and uneven lanes.

But that’s going to change.

Lake Pueblo State Park is starting a much-anticipated road construction project.

The roads at Lake Pueblo are more than 30 years old and in need of repair.

The $960,000 first phase of a multi-phased project started July 17 and is expected to run through the end of September.

An additional phase estimated to cost $2.65 million, is still in the planning and design phase, but it is tentatively slated for next year.

The funding to replace sections of the park’s roads came from Great Outdoors Colorado.

“This project in particular fulfills a key goal of our strategic plan, which is to renovate and enhance existing park infrastructure,” said Lise Aageenbrug, executive director of Great Outdoors Colorado.

“Years of use and increased traffic have worn out the park’s roads over the past three decades.

“GoCO is pleased to provide funding to enhance Lake Pueblo State Park and make it safer and more enjoyable for the public for years to come.”

Construction is planned in various areas of the park.

Juniper Road, the current section affected by construction, is between the north end of the dam and the north entrance to the park.

Road closures are not anticipated, but segments of the road will be down to one lane.

Visitors should expect delays when driving through the park during the next few months.

The areas where roads will be replaced are “cone zones” and park visitors are asked to use caution and obey lowered speed limits to keep the construction workers and everyone using the roads safe.

“This is a big project that is sorely needed,” said Monique Mullis, Lake Pueblo State Park operations manager for Colorado Parks and Wildlife.

“The final project that will result in better roads is going to be worth the wait. We appreciate everyone’s patience and cooperation throughout the construction process.”

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