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Rains bring relief, only minor problems

With water falling from the sky in the recent weeks in Pueblo West, many residents are looking forward to measurable rain during what has turned out to be an incredibly dry summer.

The rain hasn’t caused any major problems in Pueblo West, just a few minor hiccups, and seems to be welcomed by most residents.

West of the Pueblo West area, some areas have been hit with rainstorms everyday.

And although there are burn scars from recently fires to think about, the rainfall hasn’t appeared to make too many problems, but has largely been beneficial.

“There are no issues with the fish or anything, that we’ve heard of,” said John Tonko, the Southeast Region Water specialist for Colorado Parks and Wildlife.

“Sure, of course if you’re fishing, you might like clearer water since it is muddy in places, but that’s not causing problems for the fish.”

Tonko noted that a number of years ago there were issues in the region with serious silt covering up where fish had laid eggs, which had substantial consequences.

This year the muddy water is simply an “aesthetic thing,” he said.

“It looks bad, maybe, but there is still enough water moving the silt that it’s OK for the fish,” Tonko said.

“And it’s moving some food, so things are fine.

“Most of the fish get accustomed to it.

“If it’s thick, moving things like boulders and that sort of thing, then it becomes a problem.”

Mostly, any rainfall in the area is much appreciated, since river flows are at some extreme lows.

Tonko said currently the river is flowing at about one-third of average – and averages are based on 123 years of records.

“So getting some rainstorms, at least we’re getting a little bit,” he said.

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