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Animal rescue focuses on feline friends

Ever wondered what goes through a cat’s mind?

The cats at AWR Cat Tails Rescue in Pueblo West will tell you, and they’ll also say exactly why they need a new and loving home.

Shelley McPherson started AWR Cat Tails Rescue more than four years ago.

McPherson – better know as the “Rag Lady” who owns American Wiping Rags in Pueblo West, began helping cats when she saw the dozens of strays that were wandering around near her previous location off Silicon Drive.

“I’ve always loved cats,” McPherson said.

“And there were so many of them out there.”

She began taking the cats in and started the rescue.

Each cat gets all its shots, is spayed or neutered, is adjusted to other cats and people and is healthy and ready for a new home before it can be adopted out.

And although McPherson has been doing this for years – the adoption fee of $75 covers the cost of care prior to adoption – she now has a little extra help to assist the cats. In the front of her new American Wiping Rags location at 24 N. Research Dr., Unit A, McPherson has a small thrift shop.

Or, as she’ll tell you, the cats have the shop, as it is completely separate from AWR and is solely to support the Cat Tails Rescue.

There are several racks of clothes, shoes, accessories and more.

Prices (with nothing more than a few dollars) are marked on signs, making for easy shopping.

And all the money goes to help fund the AWR Cat Tails Rescue.

The cats have a voice, too, helping to spread the word about the rescue and that they need new homes.

Along with their website,, the cats are on Facebook (AWR Cat Tails Rescue) and are also active on Twitter by following @AWRCatsRescue.

“We just want to find them new homes,” McPherson said, noting that the cats are “very socially active” online.

AWR Cat Tails Rescue has nearly completed its 501c3 non-profit status, and up to 15 cats can be kept at a time.

They’re at capacity nearly all the time, she said.

Extra money brought in from the thrift shop helps with the cost of caring for all the cats until they are adopted. Since she began the rescue more than four years ago, 37 cats have been adopted out.

McPherson and the cats want to increase the awareness of the thrift store so there is more assistance for the needy animals.

“We get a lot of walk-ins for rags, and so we’ve sold quite a bit in the two months that we’ve had this open.

“But we want to get more shoppers,” she said.

The thrift store is available during AWR hours, Monday through Thursday from 8 a.m. until 6 p.m., Fridays from 8 a.m. until 5 p.m., and Saturdays from 10 a.m. until 4 p.m.

McPherson stressed that the cats are not kept on location, so anyone interested in adopting a cat should visit the Web site and/or call for an appointment.

Videos and information about all available cats are on the Web site and Facebook.

The website also includes a link where people can make monetary donations to the cat rescue.

Call AWR Cat Tails Rescue at 719-369-5107 to adopt a cat or get more information.

Or if you’re looking for something new to you and want to help out the cats in a different way, take a walk through the thrift store.


Along with their website,, the cats are on Facebook (AWR Cat Tails Rescue) and are also active on Twitter by following @AWRCatsRescue.

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