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Pool faces piping issues

The Pueblo West pool will be reviewed and inspected when it’s drained at the end of the season, because officials now know there could be some problems that have to be corrected.

Pueblo West Parks and Recreation Director Carol Cosby said last week a few fragments of pipe were found in the filter baskets, but it’s unclear where the pieces are coming from.

She won’t know the extent of the problems until the pipes can be reviewed with an internal camera.

“It could be just from the insides of the existing pipes and not be an issue,” Cosby said.

“Or, it could be that we have a break or a crack.

“If that’s the case, we’ll have major problems and will need to put this into our budget as well as look at other funding measures to correct the problems.”

Cosby said many years ago, the perimeter and piping of the pool was redone and pipes were replaced with PVC.

So, she knows if there is a crack or break in a pipe, it’s in the deep end of the pool.

“You’d have to rip up the whole deep end of the pool,” she said.

However, if that is necessary, Cosby will propose to extend the pool, possibly making an L shape at the current deep end and would consider adding a slide.

Capacity of the pool would be increased, which would help lessen the lines patrons experience each summer when they come to swim.

“We’d have a slide at one end, still the diving board and the lap lanes,” she said.

“We could increase the capacity and cut down on the lines, maybe not even have to do swim sessions,” she said. “Hopefully that might bring some people back to Pueblo West, because I know we lose people without the amenity (of the slide, like Pueblo City Park has).”

For now, the issues aren’t impacting the daily use of the pool, and Cosby stressed that it is safe for use.

When the season is over and the pipes can be reviewed by internal camera, she’ll know more about what will need to be done.

With budget discussions and decisions getting underway for the 2014 year, Cosby said a decision will need to be made quickly in case repairs need to be figured into the Parks and Rec budget.

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